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Transmission Jack Adapter for Heavy-Duty Clutch Assemblies

OTC has released a new special transmission jack adapter, the OTC 1797 heavy-duty clutch adapter. Designed to help technicians easily handle heavy-duty clutch assemblies during service, the adapter has universal mounting slots in the base for a universal fit of most high and low-lift transmission jacks. These highly versatile mounting slots allow technicians to use

Clutch Technology – the Real Deal

One of the most-common repairs performed by transmission and general-repair shops is clutch replacement. The clutch is a high-wear item that must engage and disengage hundreds of times a day. It is subject to a lot of driver abuse; vehicle overloading; wear and failure of linkage, hydraulics and powertrain mounts; and contamination from oil leaks in the engine or transmission.

Making Money in the Clutch

If you are in the transmission-repair business, you will work on a percentage of stick transmissions. This will inevitably lead to replacing worn-out or damaged clutches, since a large percentage of transmission damage starts with a worn or improperly adjusted clutch. There is good money to be made in clutch repair, and any time you remove a stick transmission, make sure you remove and inspect the clutch.