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Manual clutch repair and diagnostics

Manual gearboxes are relatively trouble-free and long-lived, provided that they are not abused too severely. The clutch, however, is a wear component. With every shift, the clutch must be disengaged and engaged. Stop-and-go driving in heavy traffic is especially hard on a clutch because the driver is always riding the clutch pedal. After millions of

Transmission Tech: Dual Clutch Operation Part 1

In this episode of Transmission Tech, Mike Riley begins a video series on DCT design, diagnostics and repair.

TDTG 042320 DCT Part1
Advanced Clutch Diagnostics

Clutch replacement is a common shop repair that is a profitable and relatively simple job if you follow proper inspection and installation procedures. About 50% of all manual-transmission failures or wear-related problems begin with a worn or damaged clutch.