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Shift Pointers: A Chrysler 300 no-shift complaint

The case study has to do with a 2009 Chrysler 300 C 5.7L Nag1 RWD with 71,923 miles on it (see Figure 1, above). It is based on a second opinion where a customer’s instinct combined with family member’s urging to seek a second opinion saved this customer a significant amount of money. First, a

Alto introduces overdrive sun gear snap ring for Chrysler transmissions

Alto has introduced a new overdrive sun gear snap ring for Chrysler transmissions. Models covered include A500 (40/42RH, 42/44RE) model years 1989 and on; A518 (46RE/RH) model years 1990-2002; and A618 (47RE/RH, 48RE), model years 1994 and on.

Chrysler ZF8 generations 1 and 2 identification guide

In 2019, some Chrysler/Ram/Jeep applications that utilize the ZF8HP transmission moved to a second-generation unit with a new designation and numerous changes for better performance and durability. Gen. 1 units are classified as 8HP45, 8HP70 and 8HP90; while Gen. 2 are classified as 8HP50, 8HP75 and 8HP95. Internally, the Gen. 2 transmission had numerous hard

Alto introduces overdrive piston retainer for Chrysler transmissions

Alto has introduced a new overdrive piston retainer for Chrysler transmissions, including models A518 (46RE, 46RH), A618 (47RE, 47RH, 48RE). According to the company, the rear housing overdrive piston retainer kit contains: one retainer, one o-ring, and two plugs (universal fitment designed to be used with governor- or computer-controlled units).

Sonnax highlights solenoid test manifold kit

Sonnax highlights its solenoid test manifold kit (part no. 35430-VTK), which allows users to verify solenoid internal sealing integrity in ZF8HP45/55/70 and Chrysler 845RE transmissions. According to Sonnax, the leading cause of solenoid failure in these units is an inability to maintain an internal mechanical seal, resulting in a multitude of drivability concerns. This kit

Sonnax highlights TCC accumulator valve kit

Sonnax highlights its TCC accumulator valve kit (part no. 44912-18K), which the company says can eliminate leaks to restore normal operation in Chrysler 45/545/65/66/68RFE transmissions. An O-ring is incorporated in this kit for positive sealing, including in worn bores. Annular grooves help center the accumulator valve in the bore to reduce future side-load wear, the

No forced throttle downshifts

Twenty-five years ago, Chrysler introduced a 0.187-in. (4.77mm) steel, #10 check ball (figure 1, above) in the 42RE valve body which continued to be used throughout the entire RE series of transmissions (42, 44, 46, 47 and 48RE) as they were launched. This small check ball is quite active, having several functions during the course

Shift adaptation issues: Potential causes of a 2-3 shift bump

For shift adaptations to perform adequately, all required inputs must be functional. Of course, the solenoids and transmission components must also be functional. The type of inputs required for shift adaptations to function as designed will have some variations based on year, make and model.  For example, when Chrysler pioneered their 41TE clutch to clutch

A ghost in your vehicle: Troubleshooting errant voltage from Chrysler TIPM

Many of you may have already experienced various shortcomings from Chrysler’s Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). The TIPM contains fuses/relays and integrated circuits that allow for programmed control and distribution of power to components on Chrysler vehicles. The TIPM does not have processing power; it’s mainly a delivery and storage device with vehicle data stored

Where to find wear on the Chrysler 948TE, ZF9HP48

Sonnax has provided the following guide on the critical wear areas and vacuum test locations found in the Chrysler 948TE and ZF9HP48 models. Technicians working on these models should find this guide helpful.

Sonnax introduces new nine-speed kits for ZF, Chrysler and Honda/Acura

Sonnax has introduced a new line of valve kits for nine-speed transmissions, including ZF9HP48, Chrysler 948TE and Honda/Acura nine-speed transmissions. According to the company, these kits feature hardcoat anodized aluminum valves that combat premature wear, and can restore proper pressure regulation, line pressure regulation and solenoid pressure regulation in nine-speed transmissions. Part numbers include: Shift

CTA introduces Chrysler Cam Phaser Holding Set

CTA Manufacturing Corp. has introduced a new Chrysler Cam Phaser Holding Set (Left/Front and Right/Rear). The tools are for VVL (variable valve lift) only and are not for use on VVT (variable valve timing) engines, the company notes. These tools can be used to service newer Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep models with Pentastar VVL 3.6L engines. The set