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Sometimes, you should sweat the small stuff

It’s a common phrase: There may have been a time when you worried about something, and someone who knew what you are going through said, “Hey, don’t sweat the small stuff.” Sometimes, this may be good advice. But other times, it may be wise to handle the small stuff before it becomes bigger “stuff.”  Fretting

Alto introduces new torque converter steel for ZF, Chrysler transmissions

Alto has introduced a new torque converter steel for ZF and Chrysler transmissions from model years 2010 and on. The selective .196″/5mm torque converter steel (part no. 215765C) is made for ZF8HP45 and 845RE (AL450E) models. The company notes that this torque converter steel can be used with Alto # 215758A or # 215758B, and permits the user to adjust