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CD4E Failure Reveals Upgrade (Some Things Never Change – Some Do)

The CD4E was launched in 1994 by Ford and Mazda in the Probe and 626, followed by the Contour/Mystique in 1995. Later on, there were other vehicles that came equipped with the CD4E, more important the 2001-up Ford Escape.

Another One to Add to the List

Throughout the years I have produced articles revealing various types of self-inflicted injuries that ate up time, energy and money unnecessarily as a way to forewarn others so they can avoid this pitfall. Many thanks go to those who have revealed their mistakes to us so we can share them with all of you, as well as the ones we have discovered on our technical hotline.

Look Before You Leap (into a CD4E)

How many times has your mother told you to look before you leap? It was good advice when you were a kid, and it’s even better advice if you’re about to tear apart a modern transmission – especially when the transmission in question is a CD4E.