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Seven Business Facts You Need to Know

There are, fortunately, seven facts that you can learn and use continually. These facts could help you avoid the mistakes that trip up so many others and go on to achieve your ultimate success.

Stick to the Plan, Stan!

How hard is it to make a business plan and stick to it? Turns out for most people it’s very hard. That’s one of the reasons not a great number of entrepreneurs are the super successes they set out to be. Lots of folks come up with terrific business concepts, but not very many can see them through to fruition.

Tips for Transmission-Business Buyers and Sellers

Many of us have reached the age when we are thinking seriously about selling our shops and retiring. At the same time there is a new crop of 30- and 40-something-year-olds who are leaving the corporate world for a variety of reasons, ranging from being laid off or downsized to simply not wanting to deal any longer with the corporate grind. Some are finding their way to the transmission business through brokers who help them locate opportunities commensurate with their abilities and goals.