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Alto releases TR60-SN torque converter steels

Alto has released a new line of torque converter steels for the BorgWarner/Aisin Warner TR60-SN transmission. The product covers model years 2004 and on.

Alto adds new electrical products

Alto has introduced two new electrical products. The first (pictured above) is a valve body wiring harness for GM 8L90E eight-speed transmissions (rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive). The harness (part no. 224507) covers model years 2015-2018. The second product (pictured above) is a circuit board for BorgWarner, Audi and Volkswagen 02E (DQ250) DSG transmissions, covering

Alto introduces torque converter steels for BorgWarner, Aisin Warner applications

Alto has introduced new torque converter steels for BorgWarner/Aisin Warner TR60-SN transmissions, covering models years 2004 and on. Product details are as follows: Alto # 185715-235: OAT .092 in. (2.35mm) Alto # 185765-380: OAT .150 in. (3.80mm)

Alto introduces two bushings for GM, Toyota

Alto recently introduced two new bushings. One, a direct drum bushing (part number 032203A, pictured above), is made for GM TH350/C applications from 1969-1986 and GM TH250/C applications 1980-1984. It is .750-in. wide without an oil groove. The second bushing, part number 044202, is made for Toyota, Aisin and BorgWarner models (pictured below). The bi-metal

BorgWarner Wins Coveted DEI, Learning Accolades

The company was recognized by Brandon Hall Group with a gold award and a silver award.

BorgWarner Ford 6R140 Friction Plate Kits

BorgWarner friction plate kits for the Ford 6R140 are now available.  Friction plates feature optimized friction material and multi-segmented design for the following applications: 2011 – 2014 Gas Applications – 35722KIT 2011 – 2014 Diesel Applications – 35723KIT (pictured) 2015+ Gas Applications – 35724KIT 2015+ Diesel Applications – 35725KIT For more information, visit

Chrysler 850RE Friction Plate Kit

BorgWarner has added the Chrysler 850RE friction plate kit to its catalog (Part # 35447KIT).  This kit is specific to the 4×2 Jeep Grand Cherokee (2017+) & JL Wrangler (2018+). 

Ford 6R140 Friction Plates

New friction plates available from BorgWarner.

Ford 6R140 Friction Plates

BorgWarner releases friction plates and plate kits for the 6R140.

BorgWarner Secures Contract for eTurbo

BorgWarner has gained a contract with a European OEM to supply its high-performance eTurbo on a passenger vehicle.

The BorgWarner 4473: Unlocking the Mystery

Through the BorgWarner 4473 transfer case, which is full-time all-wheel drive, there is a 35%/65% constant torque split front to rear. The 4473 is a relatively simple transfer case that uses a viscous coupling to control a planetary differential to split the torque. The planetary uses straight-cut gears for the planet pinions and the sun and annulus gears, which means that there is little or no thrust load on the internal components.

The Fine Points of the BorgWarner 4411 Transfer Case

One of the best-selling vehicles produced by Ford Motor Co. is the Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer SUV. These vehicles started production using the BorgWarner 4405 transfer case and had a huge production run.