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GFX introduces variety of new products: Oil pumps, friction plates, bearings and more

GFX recently announced a bevy of new products, from oil pumps to friction plates to bearings to several others. Here’s a roundup of the latest from the company: Ford used oil pump GFX has introduced a used oil pump for Ford transmissions including the 10R80. According to the company, these hard parts are designed to

FCA 62TE missing caged needle bearing

The complaint When the Low Clutch Housing is removed from the Underdrive Center Shaft of a 62TE transmission, one notices that the caged needle bearing located on the shaft between the sealing rings was missing (Figure 1, above).  The cause A running change was made in 2010 where this caged needle bearing was eliminated. When

Bearing Service – the Key to Reliability

All forms of transmissions, transfer cases and differentials use anti-friction bearings to support moving components, reduce parasitic power losses and maintain the parts in their correct positions for long-term reliability. The most-common bearings we see in manual transmissions, transfer cases and differentials fall into several categories of design. Each type will have different design criteria as for operational speed and the ability to handle axial (thrust) and radial loads.