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Dynamics of transmission fluid hydraulics and shifting

To understand why using the correct transmission fluid is necessary, you first have to know how the transmission fluid flows inside an automatic transmission.  Fluid paths The journey starts in the pan. The transmission fluid is drawn from the pan through a filter by the pump that is behind the torque converter. The fluid level

Transmission Tech: 6R80 Harsh Downshift/Drive Apply Condition

Mike Riley is once again on the road, this time looking at a Ford truck with a harsh downshift.

TDTG 061820
Transmission Tech: ZF/Chrysler 8 Speed AWD – Part 2

Mike Riley continues his discussion of the ZF/Chrysler 8-speed at Trans Colonial Auto Service.

TDTG 061520
Transmission Tech: How Other Components Impact Transmission

Mike Riley covers non-transmission components causing transmission problems.

TDTG 060820
Transmission Tech: Chrysler/ZF 8 Speed RWD Part 1

Mike Riley leaves the studio for this lesson on this RWD unit.

TDTG 060120
Transmission Tech: Toyota AWD Differential Bearing Noise

In this episode, Mike Riley discusses specific noise issues in certain Toyota applications.

TDTG 052620
Installation Matters

Zach Harkins, diagnostician, deals with a RE0F09A with a leak.

Transmission Tech: DCT Operation Part 2

This is the second part to Mike Riley’s series on DCT operation.

TDTG 0501 DCT Part2
Load and Launch

Mike “Hipster” Hohnstein, one of the creators of the transbrake valve body, built a distinguished performance-oriented business, and with two partners he recruited along the way, they have been drawing on their drag-racing expertise to lure daily drivers who like having racing experts working on their transmissions.