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Alto releases friction and steel module for ZF 6HP transmissions

Alto has introduced a new friction and steel module for ZF 6HP series transmissions. The module works with ZF 6HP19/X/A (model years 2004 and on) and ZF 6HP21/X (model years 2007 and on) for ZF, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen vehicles. Alto says that the product (part no. 143751X) features G3 frictions and Kolene steels.

Alto adds new electrical products

Alto has introduced two new electrical products. The first (pictured above) is a valve body wiring harness for GM 8L90E eight-speed transmissions (rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive). The harness (part no. 224507) covers model years 2015-2018. The second product (pictured above) is a circuit board for BorgWarner, Audi and Volkswagen 02E (DQ250) DSG transmissions, covering

How to service Volkswagen, Audi dual clutch transmissions

You may have heard the term “DSG” or “DCT” being used when referring to Volkswagen/Audi transmissions. DSG, which stands for “direct shift gearbox,” is the marketing term used by VW/Audi for their dual-clutch transmission (DCT). In simple terms, this type of transmission is composed of two separate manual transmissions inside a single case, each one

Watch: Oil change and maintenance for DQ250 transmission

Your customers may not realize what maintenance the six-speed DSG DQ250 transmission in their Volkswagen or Audi vehicle requires. Besides the transmission maintenance recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, including oil and filter changes every five years or after 35,000 miles, there are also some weak points that frequently force vehicles with this transmission into the

ZF Aftermarket launches mechatronic transmission kits

ZF has introduced its mechatronic service kit which bundles all the components needed for servicing mechatronics on ZF transmissions, which the company describes as a critical step in restoring the transmission to OE standards. The kit’s 19 SKUs cover a range of Audi, Land Rover, BMW and other manufacturers’ car and SUV models. In addition

Hydraulic Fundamentals: AFL/Solenoid Modulator Valves

Knowing your transmission’s hydraulic circuit — and solenoid circuits in particular — can be very helpful when identifying the underlying cause.

Shock on a Clutch Release

The DL501-7Q is the manufacturer’s designation of Audi’s 0B5, seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission. It’s a real beast of a transmission weighing in more than 300 pounds, which is certain to hurt your back if you do not handle it correctly. There are quite of few of these running around on the streets here in the U.S. and many more worldwide. A code set for a transmission range sensor is one reason a vehicle will find its way in for repairs. Another more common reason is shifting issues related to the double clutch drum assembly.

Serviceability Report: Audi A6

Serviceability Report: Audi A6

Tech to Tech

Subject: Serviceability report
Vehicle Application: 2012 Audi A6 Quattro 3.0-liter
Essential Reading: Diagnostician, R & R
Author: Craig Van Batenburg

Do the German-model engineers care about their technicians?

Volkswagen 09G or TF60: Clearing and Relearning Shift Adapts

Body of Evidence The 09G is an adaptive-learn transmission. The TCM can adapt the upshift and downshift pressures for each shift as well as initial engagement into drive and reverse. Whenever the transmission is rebuilt or the valve body is replaced the shift adapts should be cleared and the vehicle driven to relearn the new

AW55-50: No Reverse; 09G/09K/09M: No Movement

I recently received a phone call from a shop that was working on a 2001 Volvo with an AW 55-50 transmission. The vehicle would not move when shifted from Park to Reverse. If the selector was first put into Drive then moved to Reverse, engagement was normal. The manual linkage was checked, confirming that the manual valve was in the reverse position.

01J CVT: Diagnosing and Repairing Code 17090

A 2003 Audi A4 with an 01J continuously variable transmission (CVT) came to our shop. The customer complained that the vehicle was sluggish in forward and had no reverse and that this would take place only when all the lights in the gear indicator “lighted up and flashed.”

Making the Car Disappear

A 1997 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8L turbo (ZF 5HP19) with a complaint that the transmission lost reverse once it was warmed up.

This transmission has a history of chronic reverse problems. The vehicle was scanned with a MODIS and presented the following codes: 00652, 18010 and P1602.