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Raybestos Announces Chrysler AS68RC Transmission Clutch Pack Module

Raybestos Powertrain is now offering the Chrysler AS68RC Transmission Clutch Pack Module, RGPZ-012. The module is made-in-USA and features upgraded enhanced performance GPZ AS68RC clutches to withstand high horsepower and greater torque capacity. These are intended for use in heavy-duty and commercial vehicles as well as high-stress, enhanced performance driving applications. Module contains: (5) B1

Dodge Heavy duty Stator Shaft

Sonnax releases a new heavy duty stator shaft kit.

Snowplow Diagnostics

Mike Greer breaks down an AS68RC, bearing a snowplow, with diagnostic issues.

Finally, the truck shows its cards

We’ve all had to contend with intermittent electrical problems. These are typically the most difficult issue to pinpoint, as the root cause literally plays hide and seek with you. The following issue that I encountered belonged to a 2008 Dodge Ram 5500 in which the customer stated the transmission wasn’t shifting, and the check-engine light was on.

Double Trouble

In today’s world of automatic transmissions we see several different types of solenoids being used depending on the strategy the engineer chose to employ. There are the typical on/off solenoids that could be normally closed or normally open. And then there are PWM solenoids, normally applied or normally vented.

A Twist of Fate

Aisin Seiki’s six-speed transmission used in medium-duty trucks is called by various names. It is the AS68RC in Dodge incomplete-chassis packages using L6 6.7-liter diesel engines. It is also called the AS6 in the Mitsubishi Fuso, the M036A6 in Nissan UDs and the A465 in Isuzu NPR trucks.

One of the common failures with this transmission is the stator turning in the pump (figures 1 and 2). A similar problem occurs with Allison 1000/2000 transmissions, in which it causes a TCC overheat and/or C1-clutch failure. You can quickly determine this by pulling the return cooling line. Oil comes out of the case fitting instead of the cooling line.

AS68RC Pressure-Switch and Performance Codes

When an Allison 1000/2000 transmission produces a pressure-switch code, it does not necessarily mean the pressure switch is faulty. A solenoid needs to stroke a valve, which then sends oil pressure to the switch to close it. If the solenoid is performing poorly, or the valve is sticking, the pressure switch will not close, causing the associated code to set.

Triple Play

The AS68RC is a rear-wheel-drive Aisin Seiki six-speed transmission that began its life in the U.S. with Isuzu, UD and Mitsubishi midsize trucks (Figure 1). Since the 2007 model year, it has been used in Dodge incomplete-chassis and commercial vehicles with a GCVW rating of 26,000 pounds and the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine.