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Alto introduces two bushings for GM, Toyota

Alto recently introduced two new bushings. One, a direct drum bushing (part number 032203A, pictured above), is made for GM TH350/C applications from 1969-1986 and GM TH250/C applications 1980-1984. It is .750-in. wide without an oil groove. The second bushing, part number 044202, is made for Toyota, Aisin and BorgWarner models (pictured below). The bi-metal

Common failures on the GM AW55-50SN

GM’s AW55-50SN, otherwise known as the AF33 transmission (figure 1, above), is known for its placement in vehicles including the Chevrolet Equinox and Captiva, the Pontiac Torrent and the Saturn Vue. Versions of this transmission can also be found in SAAB, Volvo and Nissan vehicles. This unit began being produced in 2000 and ended production

Sonnax highlights oversized secondary PR valve kits for Aisin Seiki transmissions

Sonnax highlights its oversized secondary pressure regulator valve kits for Aisin Seiki AS66RC and AS69RC transmissions. The company says reconditioning the bore and installing these kits can help users restore proper hydraulic integrity of the SLT circuit in these transmission models. These kits include a hardcoat anodized aluminum valve that the company says combats premature

Sonnax highlights oversized cooler, main converter and converter relief valve kit

Sonnax highlights its oversized cooler, main converter pressure and converter relief valve kit (#122740-10K) for Aisin Seiki AS66RC and AS69RC transmissions. The company says this kit can help avoid fluid loss that causes poor cooling, low cooler feed, low converter charge, TCC slip and TCC slip codes in these transmissions. Installing this kit re-establishes correct

Sonnax highlights Heavy Duty K2 Clutch Hub

Sonnax highlights the Heavy Duty K2 Clutch Hub, made for Aisin Seiki AS69RC transmissions. According to the company, users can avoid slipping/flaring in fourth, fifth and sixth gears and potentially losing these ranges altogether replacing the OE, two-piece K2 hub with the Sonnax product.

Sonnax 122572-01 1400
Aisin Seiki AS66RC, AS69RC Oversized SLT Piston Kit

Significant bore wear at the SLT accumulator bore is common in Aisin Seiki AS66RC and AS69RC transmissions, resulting in unstable line pressure, low pressure, and multiple shift issues. Reaming the bore and installing Sonnax oversized SLT accumulator piston kit (p/n 122740-17K) will restore proper clearances and hydraulic function.

TransTec Announces Overhaul Kit for GM AWF8F45/TG-81SC/AF50

TransTec has introduced a new Overhaul Kit for 2016-up with the AWF8F45/TG-81SC/AF50 transmission (p/n 49450867). Kit coverage for this Aisin 8-speed transmission includes the following applications: CHEVROLET MALIBU 2016-UP BUICK LACROSSE 2017-UP CADILLAC XT5 2017-UP

Sonnax Aisin Seiki B1/B2 Apply Control Plunger Valve Kit

Bore wear in the B1/B2 apply control plunger valve sleeve in AS66RC and AS69RC transmissions allow line pressure to leak to exhaust at the B1 apply valve bore or line pressure and Reverse pressure to cross leak at the B2 apply valve bore. The result is inappropriate to apply pressure at the B1 and B2

The World’s First FWD 8-Speed Transmission

In this February Tech Talk article, Wayne Colonna breaks down the AWF8F35, developed by the Aisin Group.

february Tech Talk-aisin-8-speed
Toyota A750E Electrical Component Variations

Toyota has been producing automatic transmissions almost from the beginning of time achieving various levels of success in durability within their fleet. Over the years there have been incidents of Toyota developing transmissions for other car companies, domestic and overseas.

Identifying Aisin Manual Transmissions and Transfer Cases

One of the major problems associated with buying and selling units and parts in our industry is the need to properly identify the unit you are working on. This article is devoted to identifying current-production models of manual transmissions and transfer cases produced by Aisin AI, with the hope of making it easier for you to obtain parts in the aftermarket. Past production is not listed but includes the familiar AX5, AX15 and R151 Toyota transmissions.