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Identifying Aisin 5- and 6-Speed Transmissions

In speaking about manual transmissions in present-model domestic vehicles, we notice a marked decline in manual transmissions. Aisin World Corp., the mother company of the Aisin group of OEM suppliers, is one of the world’s largest producers of automatic and manual transmissions. Looking around we can see the decline in models available for purchase with a manual transmission among Chrysler, Ford and GM. There are no options on late-model Ford or GM full-size pickups and SUVs for a manual transmission. ZF, which had a long relationship with Ford and still provides us with work to repair past-model five- and six-speed units, is no longer producing units for the blue oval. Muscle cars from Dodge, GM and Ford are optioned with five- and six-speed manual transmissions from Tremec. Besides Tremec, Aisin is now the only player with a skin in the game.