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Pressure Checker, Bearing Installer Tool For 6L80/6L90 12-3-4/3-5 Reverse Drum

The new Adapt-A-Case multi-functional tool (p/n T-135PRBRAC) tests the pressure of the 6L80/90 1-2-3-4/3-5 reverse drum to ensure there are no cracks or leaks. Simply place the tool in the drum and use an air gun in each hole to check for leaks. It also installs the bearing to the proper depth by placing the

3-5-Reverse Drum Bearing Installer

New tool pushes the 3-5 reverse drum bearing to the proper depth.

6R80/6R140 Snap Ring Plier Tips

Adapt-A-Case has released new snap ring plier tips for the 6R80/140 transmission.

6R80/140 Snap Ring Pliers Tips

New snap ring pliers from Adapt-A-Case.

Universal RWD Transmission Holding Fixture

A new holding fixture from Adapt-A-Case.

Universal RWD Transmission Holding Fixture

The T-Case Buddy from Adapt-A-Case.