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Kia Borrego: A5SR2 Transmission

This A5SR2 came into the shop in 4th gear failsafe. The codes pulled were P0732, P0733 and P0734 gear ratio codes along with a P0763 Direct Clutch (D/C) solenoid performance code.

January 2020 Issue

In this Issue:
VW Touareg: Shift Interlock & Stop Lamps Inoperative
Kia Borrego: A5SR2 Transmission
Kia Borrego: A5SR2 TCM Upgrade

The P0763 Headache

A call came in to ATSG’s technical help line concerning a 2009 Kia Borrego with a 3.8L engine using a 5-speed RWD transmission called the A5SR2. This transmission is very similar to the Subaru 5AT transmission, a derivative of Nissan’s RE5R05A transmission. Mounted on top of the valve body are the solenoids, a sub-ROM and pressure switch frame assembly.