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Wiggle the Wires

Acouple of months ago we had a customer come into our location with a 2006 Kia Spectra equipped with the 2.0L engine and an A4CF2 transmission. The customer’s concern was that the vehicle would not shift at times. I started the evaluation by checking all the fluids, doing a visual inspection, and conducting a battery and charging system test with the Midtronics analyzer, and everything checked out good. I then moved on to connecting the scan tool to the vehicle and checking all modules for DTCs; the only one that came back was a P0748 (linear solenoid) electrical problem. There was no freeze frame data stored; it probably wouldn’t have helped me with this issue, but I wanted to see if it would at least show the speed or temperature at which the code set. From the customer’s description it sounded like an intermittent issue.

Another Transmission Mutation – Part 1

In the never-ending variety of transmissions on the road today, there is yet another that may find its way onto your bench. A mutation from the F4A40-series transmission used in Mitsubishi and Hyundai vehicles, it’s called the A4CF2 (Figure 1). This is a four-speed transmission (Figure 2) being used in 2006 and later Kia Spectras and 2007 and later Hyundai Elantra (HD).