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ZF9HP48 FWD Nine Speed, Part 2

ZFhas outpaced other transmission manufacturers with the nine-speed ZF9HP48 (Chrysler 948TE) FWD. The unit is extremely compact, considering what it does. Unlike the 8HP family, the 9HP is not a mechatronic design. The 9HP uses a torque converter; however, a hybrid version, the 9P48H, will utilize an electric motor instead. The unit, which weighs in at nearly 200 lbs., can be equipped with a mechanical or electronic pack arrangement.

ZF9HP48 FWD Nine Speed, Part 1 (Is This Fuel Economy or Marketing Driven?)

So far, the leading entry for the “Schwinn Got Gears 10-Speed” contest is from the German transmission manufacturer ZF. With the release of the ZF9HP48 (Chrysler 948TE) FWD nine speed, ZF has edged out the other guys, at least for the moment. Supposedly, a grand champion 10 speed is just around the corner, and won’t that be wonderful.