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Replacement Metal-Clad Seal for Mercedes 722.9 7G-Tronic

Tri Component has developed and produced an upgraded replacement metal-clad seal (p/n HO-25-13) for Mercedes 722.9 7G-Tronic torque converters. Unique long-life flexible elastomers are featured to overcome the OE brittleness. The complete Mercedes specialty brochure is available by contacting a company rep. It contains numerous breakthrough problem-solvers that have plagued these units. For more information

Mercedes 722.9 VB/TCU

The TRP (theft relevant parts) process must be followed when dealing with Mercedes.

7 G-Tronic Plus Generation Six – Part 1

Mercedes’ 7-speed transmission known as the 7 G-Tronic is commonly referred to as the 722.9 transmission. This 5th generation of Mercedes’ transmission lineup made its first appearance in 2003. By 2010 a revised version of this transmission was developed making it the 6th generation of transmissions calling it the 7 G-Tronic Plus.

Double Trouble

In today’s world of automatic transmissions we see several different types of solenoids being used depending on the strategy the engineer chose to employ. There are the typical on/off solenoids that could be normally closed or normally open. And then there are PWM solenoids, normally applied or normally vented.