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Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations for FORD 6R80/6R100

Note: OE valves are shown in rest position and should be tested in rest position unless otherwise indicated. Test locations are noted with an arrow. Springs are not shown for visual clarity. Low vacuum reading indicates wear. For specific vacuum test information, visit www.sonnax.com.

Video: 6R80 Valve Body Clips

Mike Riley says small items such as retainers and clips are important to inspect when splitting the valve body.

Watch: 6R80 Pump Noise

Diagnosing noise in a transmission starts with figuring out what type it is and when it occurs. Noise can include whining, moaning, groaning, etc. Noise can occur in park/neutral, in gear setting still or driving down the road. In the case of a 6R80 a bearing growl may be heard at all times and not be the geartrain. Upgrades have been made to

Diagnosis: Do the Homework

Occasionally in diagnosing transmission problems technicians are faced with challenges that force us to look beyond the transmission control system. As vehicles become increasingly complex, it is crucial that we educate ourselves with all systems pertaining to the vehicle we are diagnosing. Many systems are tied together in one way or another and can directly

6R60/75/80 GEN 2 Shift Kit

Now available from Transtar Industries is the Transgo Shift Kit for 6R60/75/80 2014-up (#T95165A). All drop-in components for a quick, no-hassle install without reaming or tooling. Both the redesigned drop-in steel two-piece (PR) valve and (TCC) regular valve feature longer lands which reports the hydraulic integrity of the circuit by utilizing previously unused and therefore

Transmission Tech: 6R80 Harsh Downshift/Drive Apply Condition

Mike Riley is once again on the road, this time looking at a Ford truck with a harsh downshift.

TDTG 061820
6R80/6R140 Snap Ring Plier Tips

Adapt-A-Case has released new snap ring plier tips for the 6R80/140 transmission.

6R80/140 Snap Ring Pliers Tips

New snap ring pliers from Adapt-A-Case.

Transmission Tech: Ford 6R100 VS Ford 6R80

Is one better than the other? Or better suited for different situations? Allow Mike Riley to explain.

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Programming Not Included

A customer recently brought his 2011 Ford F-150 into our facility after a general-repair shop (not a specialized transmission shop) had just installed a used transmission. His truck was a 4WD vehicle equipped with a 5.0L engine and 6R80 transmission. When the customer picked up the truck from the previous shop he was told that the transmission was installed and everything was fine, but it still needed to be programmed (the shop didn’t have the equipment to perform this important step).

Solving the 6R80 Leak Mystery

When the vehicle was inspected on a lift, it appeared to have multiple leaks, but the most prominent leak seemed to be coming from the case connector. A data search found three bulletins related to a leak at the case connector…

Another Case of Brutality

Our technical help line is now experiencing a different transmission that can have a variety of severe shifts complaints. It is with Ford’s 6R60/80 transmission. We received one such call from Mr. Transmission in Louisville, Ky., with a 2007 Explorer Sport 4.6L that had 65,000 miles. It shifted fine until you went for passing gear out of 4th. The shift was so brutal that it felt like the transmission went into reverse. There were no codes present. An entirely different call was a complaint of firm shifts and during full throttle kickdowns the vehicle speed signal would drop to zero. It too did not have codes. Yet another call received, all the shifts were extremely severe and it had a variety of CAN BUS codes stored.