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And So It Begins …

Ford Motor Co.’s new 6R140W six-speed transmission has been on the road only since the 2010 model year, and we are already experiencing some problems. This is one of them.

A truck with the 6.7 turbo diesel and 6R140W transmission and a built on or before 4/11/2011 comes in with the malfunction indicator lamp illuminated and a flared 2-3 shift. Other symptoms may include a delayed reverse engagement and a stored fault code P0733 for a third-gear ratio error.

Reusable Gasket – Not!

A late-model Ford truck with a 6R140W transmission came into the shop with a complaint of a leak from the front. When the truck was raised on the lift, it appeared that it was leaking out the front, so the transmission was pulled to reseal it.

Similar but Different: A look at Ford’s 6R140W

For the 2011 model year Ford Motor Co. replaced the 5R110W in its Super Duty pickup trucks with a full-time six-speed transmission. Those of us in the aftermarket industry are calling this transmission the 6R140W. Ford likes to call it the TorqShift®6.