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Easy fixes to common transmission problems

Transmission makers are always throwing the repair industry curveballs. The challenges seem endless. Sometimes manufacturers will let us know of changes they are doing, while other times they let us figure it out as we go. I would like to go over a few examples we’ve encountered that may help you on a simpler installation

6R140 Center Supports

In this episode, Transtar’s Dave Hritsko explains some of the features of the 6R140 – (hint) they are super heavy. If you haven’t worked on one of these yet, be prepared, they have large and heavy components. These transmissions have a big plate on the back of the planetary that is basically a bearing race

Deep Transmission Pan for 2011-’21 Ford F250/F350 with 6R140

B&M’s Hi-Tek deep transmission pans are constructed from A356-T6 hardened aluminum and are cast with thick internal and external fins adding additional strength and increased cooling properties. The deep pan design increases fluid capacity by 3.67 quarts over the stock O.E. pan. All these features combine to help dissipate heat quicker, netting lower transmission and

Video: 6R140 Strategy

Beyond typical reprogramming, solenoid strategy is also a key to success.

BorgWarner Ford 6R140 Friction Plate Kits

BorgWarner friction plate kits for the Ford 6R140 are now available.  Friction plates feature optimized friction material and multi-segmented design for the following applications: 2011 – 2014 Gas Applications – 35722KIT 2011 – 2014 Diesel Applications – 35723KIT (pictured) 2015+ Gas Applications – 35724KIT 2015+ Diesel Applications – 35725KIT For more information, visit www.borgwarner.com.

6R80/6R140 Snap Ring Plier Tips

Adapt-A-Case has released new snap ring plier tips for the 6R80/140 transmission.

6R140 Torque Converter

Suncoast’s new 6R140 torque converters are now available from Whatever It Takes.

6R80/140 Snap Ring Pliers Tips

New snap ring pliers from Adapt-A-Case.

Scoped Out

Chris Adams, Certified Transmission diagnostician, shares the story of a 6R140 and stresses the importance of control.

6R140 Transmission Solenoid Strategy Code

When replacing solenoids, plan ahead and order the correct band numbers that came out of the transmission in the same location as they came out of.

Ford 6R140 (’15-’18) Friction Clutch Pack

Raybestos has released this new GPZ friction clutch pack.

Ford 6R140 Friction Plates

New friction plates available from BorgWarner.