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Solving Ford 6F35 transmission fluid overheating issues

With 14 years of being on the road, the Ford 6F35 transmission has a sizeable list of issues requiring repair associated with it. Generation one units are the worst offenders as they have an additional problem to contend with: Ford no longer provides new solenoids for them. This means the hunt for good used solenoids

Ford 6F35 (Gen. 1 & 2) Case Saver Kit

Instead of sourcing an expensive new case, you can now stop further wear and restore endplay to proper levels with this new Sonnax case saver kit (p/n 144281-01K). Ford Gen. 1 and 2 6F35 transmissions are notorious for worn axle bushings, which allow external leakage. This premature bushing wear can be caused by a worn

Ford Bearing Kits

Sonnax’s new thrust bearing kits for the 6F35.

Transmission With a Mind of its Own

A customer had brought in her 2010 Ford Escape equipped with a 3.0L engine and the 6F35 transaxle. The customers concern with the vehicle was that the transmission slipped intermittently. We started our evaluation with a quick visual inspection of the vehicle and checking fluids, all of which checked out good.

Solenoid Differences: Ford 6F35 Gen 1 vs. 2

Looking back on the history of the Ford 6T40, the cousin to the 6F35, we recall a second generation of this transmission coming out in 2012. There were many control-valve changes to this valve body as the pressure switches were eliminated and the top cover of the valve body had damper and spring assemblies added to it to provide miniature shock absorbers to each of the solenoid output circuits.

Ford Fusion Harsh 5th Gear (Avoiding: Failure to Communicate)

A customer with a 2010 Ford Fusion was experiencing erratic harsh upshifts into 5th and sometimes 6th gear. The vehicle was equipped with a 3.0L engine, 6F35 transmission and had 58,000 miles on it. There were no trouble codes; however, the problem was getting progressively worse. The other gear ranges seemed okay and the fluid was in fairly good condition.