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Valve-Body ‘Kibbles & Bits’

In all the years of building transmissions, I think the worst thing that could happen is having the R&R guy, manager or owner come back after a road test and tell you, “It’s not working.” All of a sudden you get this knot-in-your-stomach feeling that makes you wish this were not really happening.

A Fix for 5R55W Front-Planet Bearing Failure

The 5R55W transmission was used in Ford Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers from 2002 through 2004. This unit is very similar to the other 5R55 series transmissions, but each model has a few unique differences.

Morning Sickness – Well, Sort Of

At ATSG we have received several calls on the 5R55N/W/S transmission in the new Lincoln LS, Jaguar, Ford Explorer or Mountaineer concerning a complaint of delayed or no engagement. The condition occurs most often during first morning startup, under extreme cold-temperature conditions, and the transmission may engage if the throttle is snapped wide open.