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4R/5R55E: Engine Stall on Engagement after Rebuild

A local general-repair garage brought a 5R55E transmission and converter to a transmission shop for a rebuild. The transmission came out of a 1997 4.0-liter Ford Explorer with 216,456 miles on the odometer. The shop had the correct rebuilt transmission and converter in stock, so exchanging the change-over parts was all that was necessary to return the unit to the garage.

Valve-Body ‘Kibbles & Bits’

In all the years of building transmissions, I think the worst thing that could happen is having the R&R guy, manager or owner come back after a road test and tell you, “It’s not working.” All of a sudden you get this knot-in-your-stomach feeling that makes you wish this were not really happening.

Rescue Ranger

Many times after an initial scan of the computer system, you find an electrically related solenoid code. If you’re lucky, a new solenoid fixes it, or maybe there’s a problem with the internal wiring – not so bad to fix these problems.

But then there are the times that these items do not take care of the problem. That usually means these days that an external wiring problem is causing that solenoid code.