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Analyzing Clues Solves TCC Mystery

The vehicle was a 1995 Ford Ranger 2WD, equipped with a 4R44E transmission. It had originally been repaired by a local transmission shop that had removed the unit and rebuilt it in house, though we had no knowledge of what the original complaint was at the time. After their repair, it would set a P0741 (TCC stuck off), OD light flashing etc. They’d had the vehicle for quite some time but then decided to purchase a remanufactured unit from one of our distributors when repairing the rebuilt unit was unsuccessful. After installation of the remanufactured unit, the same code and symptoms returned. It was then that the vehicle was brought to our shop for diagnosis.

4R44E, 5R55E Case-Wall Movement and Comebacks

I’ve heard complaints of blown-out valve-body gaskets, loose valve body bolts and various otherwise unexplained symptoms due to cross leaks in Ford 4R44E through 5R55E units.
These problems are usually accompanied by an odd wear pattern or “fuzzing” visible on valve body gaskets and witness marks on the separator plate (see Figure 1).

A4LD/4R44E: Ford 4.0-Liter Crank-Spacer Puzzle

Sometimes gathering all the information about a problem is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle. Finding out about differences in Ford 4.0-liter converter pilots was like putting a piece of a puzzle in place and seeing the whole picture a bit more clearly.