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47/48RE SFI-Certified Flexplate Shield

Loganbuilt has developed and manufactured the first SFI-certified 30.1 flexplate shield for diesel racing transmissions. SFI flexplate shields are a safety feature required by the NHRA for any vehicle running quicker than 6.40 ET in the eighth-mile, or 10.00 ET in the quarter-mile.  Flexplate shield requirements have been in place for years but they have

Chrysler 47RE, 48RE Extreme Duty Output Shaft

Delivering the ultimate protection against Chrysler 47/48RE shaft failure, this new Sonnax extreme duty output shaft (p/n 22173D-01) features a unique combination of innovation and quality. To guard against breakage, the 1.480″-dia. shaft is manufactured from high-strength alloy and features a significantly larger, 29-spline configuration that is based on the OE manual transmission spline. This

Extra Set of Eyes Saves the Day

In addition to the OEM-spec remanufactured transmissions we build, we also offer a series of heavy-duty transmissions available in three different stages. This article examines the installation of our Road Ripper™ 3000 (stage 3 unit) in a 2005 Dodge 2500 pickup equipped with a 5.9L diesel and a 618/48RE transmission. The vehicle had been in use for about a month when the customer returned with an issue that the transmission was stuck in gear and would not shift. We did not want any damage to occur by the customer driving the vehicle to our location, so we set up a tow to have the vehicle picked up.

A Significant Departure – the 48RE Transmission

For many of you who have been working on the Dodge/Jeep RE-series transmissions, you are more than likely all too familiar with an engine-stall condition when reverse is selected. This problem usually reveals itself when the transmission is hot. The usual cause is a defective pump. From time to time a restricted cooler would be the culprit, but in most instances it has been the pump.

Analyzing Data Helps Solve Complicated Problems

With the addition of parameter identification data (PID), we can combine data with our knowledge of the way a transmission is designed to work and use it as a form of X-ray that permits us to see inside the transmission, so to speak. Let us use the following example to illustrate this.


In March 2006 Dodge issued safety recall E17 for 2003-05 Dodge Ram pickups equipped with the 5.9-liter diesel and 48RE transmission. This recall addressed a safety issue that could occur if the driver parked the vehicle without placing the gear selector fully in park and left the engine running. The repair consists of a re-flash that when initiated will sound the horn, flash the headlights and cause the PRNDL display to flash if the door is opened and the driver tries to exit a running vehicle without the selector fully in Park. This re-flash can be done only with the DRB-3 scan tool and dealer software.

Pay Close Attention to Valve-Body Modifications

This particular call came in just like many others: The technician had already eliminated everything he could interpret as the possible root cause of the concern. The vehicle in question was a 2006 Dodge 2500 pickup with a 5.9-liter diesel and a 48RE transmission. The owner had bought the vehicle recently and had concerns that the transmission was not shifting properly.