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47/48RE SFI-Certified Flexplate Shield

Loganbuilt has developed and manufactured the first SFI-certified 30.1 flexplate shield for diesel racing transmissions. SFI flexplate shields are a safety feature required by the NHRA for any vehicle running quicker than 6.40 ET in the eighth-mile, or 10.00 ET in the quarter-mile.  Flexplate shield requirements have been in place for years but they have

Chrysler 47RE, 48RE Extreme Duty Output Shaft

Delivering the ultimate protection against Chrysler 47/48RE shaft failure, this new Sonnax extreme duty output shaft (p/n 22173D-01) features a unique combination of innovation and quality. To guard against breakage, the 1.480″-dia. shaft is manufactured from high-strength alloy and features a significantly larger, 29-spline configuration that is based on the OE manual transmission spline. This

The TCC Shuttle

A 2001 Dodge 2500 5.9L diesel with a 47RE transmission comes in to Donald Holliday’s Covington Automotive shop with intermittent and erratic bumps that seem to clear up once the vehicle has reached 60 mph or greater.

Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations

Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations

Broccoli: Corroded wiring causes TPS-voltage code

We had a 1999 Dodge 24-valve diesel truck that came into our shop with no fourth and no lockup. The truck had been at another shop, which had already replaced the accelerator-pedal-position sensor (APPS) and the powertrain control module (PCM) in an attempt to fix this complaint.

46-47RH/RE Cooler and Converter Flow

The image of a target is often used in education or training. The bulls-eye is the topic of most importance. It’s what you “Need to Know,” with each consecutive ring or “Nice to Know” reinforcing or providing that information.

46RE/47RE: Power Circuit for Transmission-Control-Relay Coil

46RE and 47RE units (and some 42/44RE units after 1996) use an interesting method to energize the coil of the transmission-control relay. As we all know, the switch part of the transmission-control relay is what provides battery power to the solenoids when its coil is energized.