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Chrysler 46RH/RE, 47RH/RE, 48RE Forward (Rear) Clutch Retainer

Chrysler 46RH/RE, 47RH/RE, 48RE OE Forward (rear) clutch retainers are made of cast material and commonly fail due to cracks and wear – especially in applications with increased power and or towing loads. Made from high-strength 4140 steel, Sonnax clutch retainer (#22554-HD) is a direct replacement for OE part number 52854149AA used in listed applications,

Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations

Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations

46-47RH/RE Cooler and Converter Flow

The image of a target is often used in education or training. The bulls-eye is the topic of most importance. It’s what you “Need to Know,” with each consecutive ring or “Nice to Know” reinforcing or providing that information.

46RE/47RE: Power Circuit for Transmission-Control-Relay Coil

46RE and 47RE units (and some 42/44RE units after 1996) use an interesting method to energize the coil of the transmission-control relay. As we all know, the switch part of the transmission-control relay is what provides battery power to the solenoids when its coil is energized.

Miracles Do Happen

A 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee was brought to a Cottman Transmission shop in Jennings, Mo. The customer‘s complaints were typical for this model transmission and correct for the mileage of the vehicle. A complete transmission and converter rebuild were sold and, because of the chronic cooler-line problems, a cooler-line update was sold for added security.