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10-Speed Performance Clutch Packs

Alto Products Corp has introduced two new High-Performance PowerPacks for Ford 10R80 and GM 10L80/90 transmissions. The kit includes Alto (p/n 231755) “C” Clutch(top), and Alto (p/n 231756) “E” Clutch(bottom). Each of these clutch packs features G3 Frictions & Performance Steels. These high-capacity kits are designed to incorporate more clutches in the stack-up.

Ford F-150 Transmission Lawsuit is Dismissed

Ford filed a motion to dismiss the 10R80 10-speed transmission lawsuit, and the judge found Ford’s arguments persuasive, reports Carcomplaints.com. According to the automaker, the warranty claims didn’t hold up for multiple reasons, including because the F-150 truck owner failed to provide Ford with pre-lawsuit notice of alleged breach of warranties. The judge agreed and

10R80/10L90 Ford & GM Ten Speed Unique Filter System

This design will allow enough fluid volume to the pump during a cold start up and quickly prime the pump. As the fluid heats up (low viscosity), the Thermal Plate will move towards a slight ledge along the topside of the filter housing.

Quick Peek at New Ford / GM 10 Speed

Approximately 10 years after Ford and General Motors joined together to develop a six-speed front-wheel-drive transmission, they have done it again, developing a 10-speed rear-wheel-drive transmission.