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Sonnax Announces Tool Shop, Zip Valve Programs

The Sonnax Tool Shop delivers better pricing and availability on over 70 popular F-Tool and Vacuum Test products, with the convenience of delivery from your local participating distributor. The goal of this pilot program is simple: help you get the tools you want, when you want them, at a fair price. A complete list of included tools and MSRPs is posted at

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“At the Sonnax Tool Shop, the price you see is the price you pay,” says Mark Kaplan, Sonnax Vice President of Sales. “We’re grateful for the support of our network of distributors in offering MSRP-or-better prices and 1-2 day delivery on this selection of tools to all customers in the U.S. and Canada.” A key benefit for rebuilders: If a Tool Shop part or kit isn’t readily available from your regular local branch, you can call other Sonnax distributors without worrying that you’ll have to pay more.

Sonnax Zip Valve is a new brand covering the hundreds of drop-in valves and Zip Kits rebuilders have trusted for years to overcome chronic transmission problems. Zip Valves can be found at, where more than 350 different products covering 200-plus transmissions are available. It’s easy to identify these parts anywhere on the Sonnax website by the new, drop-in “ZIP” logo that accompanies each one. Just like site visitors can narrow down search results by unit or part type, choosing to display only Zip Valves is now another option for quickly finding just the right repair.


“When you’ve got a build on your bench, it’s our job to provide you with a wide range of options you can trust,” says Sonnax President Steve Boyer. “Whether it’s a drop-in or oversized valve, or a fully remanufactured valve body, we strive to have the best selection of highest-quality solutions available for our customers.”



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