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Se habla Español!

I had an interesting phone call this month, one that reminded me that while transmission builders are the automotive equivalent of brain surgeons, they aren’t necessarily possessed with the skills of clairvoyance or telepathy. The caller wanted to know if there was a Spanish language version of the articles in Transmission Digest.

While the magazine articles themselves are posted to the Transmission Digest website exclusively in English, there’s a way to translate:

  • Go to
  • In upper left of page select Websites
  • Enter the entire URL for Transmission Digest:
  • For “Detect Language” choose English
  • On the right of that same line choose Spanish
  • Press the arrow next to the Transmission Digest URL

The Transmission Digest webpage will display and now has an extra line at the top where you can click either English or Spanish. By clicking Spanish, you may browse through the website articles translated to Spanish. Click and hold on the down arrow next to “Spanish” and you’ll find a menu of nearly any language you can think of. Click one and the site will translate to that language.

Gracias por visitar el sitio web de Transmission Digest!

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