Nissan RE0F11A CVT transmission speed sensor codes, part 2

Nissan RE0F11A CVT transmission speed sensor codes, part 2

The complaint

All Nissan vehicles using the RE0F11 (CVT7) CVT Transmission may have a complaint of P0715 “Input Speed Sensor A Circuit” stored after overhaul. (They may also have the complaint of P2765 “Input Speed Sensor B Circuit” stored, as seen in our other article).

The cause

The input speed sensor “A” exciter wheel is attached to the primary pulley sheave and is comprised of a number of fingers that are made of soft metal. The fingers can be easily bent from handling during the disassembly or reassembly process, as seen in figure 1 at the top of the page. If the fingers are bent enough to increase the allowable air gap between the exciter wheel and the tip of the speed sensor, then trouble code P0715 will be stored.

The correction

Using a dial caliper, take a measurement from the exciter wheel finger to the speed sensor mounting area of the transmission case as shown in figure 2.

RE0F11 Figure 2
Figure 2.

Then measure the speed sensor from its mounting surface area to the tip of the sensor as seen in figure 4. Subtract one measurement from the other. The distance should be not more than .040 in.

RE0F11 Figure 3
Figure 3.

If the measurement is greater than .040 in. the finger will have to be bent into specification. This procedure will have to be performed with each exciter wheel finger that is out of specification.

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