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Nissan RE0F11A


Nissan RE0F11A CVT transmission speed sensor codes, part 1


The complaint

All Nissan vehicles using the RE0F11 (JF015E-CVT7) CVT Transmission may have a complaint of P2765 “Input Speed Sensor B Circuit” stored. (They may also have the complaint of P0715 “Input Speed Sensor A Circuit” stored after overhaul, as seen in our other article).

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The cause

The input speed sensor “B” exciter wheel is pressed onto the upper sheave of the secondary pulley. The exciter wheel can become loose and start to spin around freely. This will create an erratic signal which will result in the P2765 code being generated.

The correction

Gently tap the secondary speed sensor exciter wheel down on the pulley sheave. Then solder the exciter wheel to the pulley sheave in equally spaced areas as seen in the image above, do not use excessive or prolonged heat to avoid pulley damage. This will prevent the exciter wheel from coming loose again.



Shift-Pointers-Figure-1-Idle-Crank-Signal-1400 Shift-Pointers-Figure-1-Idle-Crank-Signal-1400


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