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GM 4L70-E ISS DTC P0716 or P0717

Find diagnostic and building tips in Transmission Digest’s Tech/Talk quarterly bulletin – October ’20



Sometimes after transmission repairs, the vehicle returns with the diagnostic trouble code P0716 for Input Speed Sensor Performance or P0717 for Low Input Speed Sensor Circuit Voltage.

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Figure 1


The input speed sensor wiring was not properly secured in its locating brackets on the back of the pump assembly, refer to figure 1. The wires were damaged by the spinning reverse input drum, which is close to the Input Speed Sensor wiring, refer to figure 2.9.

Figure 2.9


Figure 2.8

Be sure to secure the Input Speed Sensor wiring harness, as shown in figure 2.8.

NOTE: One other known reason for these codes to be set has been a loss of an ISS ground circuit provided by the TCM. The loss of ground occurs inside the TCM. However, this can easily be repaired by providing an external ground for the ISS. Simply splice into circuit number 1984/1231 and ground it to earth. The circuit goes from terminal 45 at the TCM to terminal V at the case connector (figure 2.10).

Figure 2.10

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