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Aftermarket Answers: Rockland Standard Gear

Time has passed quickly for Rockland Standard Gear partners Brian Johnston and Mike Weinberg. Forty years ago, Weinberg was offered the opportunity to purchase a transmission shop. He found a couple of partners in Johnston and his late brother Eugene opening All Transmission in Rockland County, New York

Deciding Your Role in the Business

Ever tried fixing a car with not enough tools or the wrong ones? It’s hard, if not impossible, to do it right. The same goes for managing a business. If you aren’t properly equipped you probably won’t do a very good job. In management the tools are quite different. There are no wrenches or hammers. The tools consist of what you’ve learned and how you apply that knowledge.

Remembering Your ‘A’ Game

A 2003 Saturn L300 came in with CAN BUS communication problems producing codes U1000 and a U2105 (Figure 1). U1000 is a Class II Data Link code. One explanation given for this code by GM is that should this code be set in history with other DTCs set in “current or history,” to diagnose these codes or code first. This means DTC U2105 could be the cause of code U1000 and will need to be diagnosed and resolved first. It is learned that code U2105 will set if the BCM or TCM lost CAN communications with the ECM.

Tires Vastly Improved, but Check the Specs

The advancement of technology in the automotive field is rapid and unrelenting. Forces that shape the marketplace, state and federal regulations, the need to attract new customers, and the need to be different and at the same time profitable are driving the car makers to develop technology at a pace never seen before.

You Don’t Have to Sell Something to Gain a Customer

Recently I went to my local big box hardware store in search of oil to fix a squeaky door hinge. I have always had mediocre service at this place—nothing great, nothing bad. It’s usually a high-schooler walking around who doesn’t know much of anything but will give a half effort at pointing you in the right direction. They have decent prices, and almost always have the parts I need in stock, so I return again and again.

September 2017 Issue

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GM 6L80/90: Multiple solenoid performance codes
Chevrolet/GMC trucks with Allison 1000 units: erratic transmission operation
Chrysler 62TE: engine stall in ‘D’ or during coast-down

Torque Reduction

Engine torque reduction is a computer strategy that has been used in vehicles for many years now. When the selector lever is used to place the transmission into reverse or drive from either park or neutral, a command is given to reduce engine torque. This assists in providing a smooth engagement into gear. Likewise, torque reduction is commanded to take place during each upshift for smooth shifting. This strategy can also be used in vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control or when traction control becomes activated.

Understand Systems Involved in Diagnosis

A while back we had a customer come into our shop stating, “The vehicle sometimes has a VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) error and won’t go past fourth gear, but today it seems fine.” The vehicle was a 2007 Lexus LS460 with 132,561 miles, and equipped with an AA80E 8-speed transmission and a 4.6L engine. As with routine diagnosis, I started with a road test, a scan of all modules, and an undercar inspection.

Sonnax submits a vacuum-test layout for the 6R140 valve body.

Sonnax submits a vacuum-test layout for the 6R140 valve body.

‘Transmissions are only half of what we do’

Facing technological and economic change, Craig O’Neill, the administrative leader of O’Neill Transmission & Service, aims to keep the third-generation shop profitable with a new business model for an industry he views as past its heyday.