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In essence, this equates to a hydraulic or mechanical problem in the intermediate-clutch circuit, which could mean that once second gear is commanded, the TCM does not see the correct second-gear ratio.

Serviceability Report: Hyundai Sonata

In this article, we will examine the 2006 Sonata versus the 2011. It should also be noted that Hyundai has cooperated with the National Automotive Service Task Force in a thoughtful way. Hyundai and its other company, Kia, are the only car companies that post all their service information on their Web sites for free. Every wiring diagram, technical-service bulletin, body manual, you name it. Hyundai and Kia have shown, in this way, support for aftermarket shops like no other company.

Premature Failure of Mitsubishi Galant Ring Gears

Torque-converter rebuilders have been reporting an increase in the number of failed ring gears on Mitsubishi Galant converters. Most of the failed ring gears are found on 2006-08 vehicles equipped with V-6 engines, and the failures seem to occur soon after the vehicle’s starter has been replaced.

Cast-Iron Powerglide Leaks

The cast-iron Powerglide® transmission shares one distinction with the motor cars and motorcycles manufactured in the U.K: They all leak. Any transmission-shop owner who is being honest with himself will admit this. Most are not surprised to see the owner of an early-model Chevrolet returning to their shop with a piece of cardboard adorned with a large red spot.

15 Minutes

That’s what business is all about – change. Those who succeed do so because they recognize and are willing to face change and go with it as opposed to fighting to maintain a position that may no longer be tenable.

No-Reverse Complaint Presents Diagnostic Challenge

As I read about the operating strategy of the solenoids, I learned that the PCM commands solenoids A, B and E (Figure 1) when reverse gear is selected. Now I could see that solenoid E has an important role in reverse-gear engagement, and I was starting to think I had cleared at least one hurdle. If solenoid E is inoperable, oil will not be directed to engage reverse. I was now certain that I had found a common link to the problems that the owner experienced.

Different Differentials: What is the difference?

Differential comes from different. In automotive terminology the differential is a component of a drive axle – either rear-, front-, or four- or all-wheel drive – that permits the axles to rotate at different speeds as the vehicle makes a turn. In a turn the drive axle toward the inside of the turn will have to rotate less than the axle on the outside of the turn because of the larger arc covered by the outside wheels.

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GM’s 2MT70

In the June 2010 issue of Transmission Digest we left off looking at the 2MT70 with having gone as far as removing the valve body. Getting back to this unit to have a brief look at the inside of it, with the rear covered removed the drive motor/generator assembly unit B becomes immediately visible (Figure 1). Inside the cover are the fourth clutch and the generator-position sensor.