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Volkswagen/Audi: Parts Mismatch

4R44E, 5R55E Case-Wall Movement and Comebacks

I’ve heard complaints of blown-out valve-body gaskets, loose valve body bolts and various otherwise unexplained symptoms due to cross leaks in Ford 4R44E through 5R55E units.
These problems are usually accompanied by an odd wear pattern or “fuzzing” visible on valve body gaskets and witness marks on the separator plate (see Figure 1).

Retrace Your Steps for an Easier Sale

When a customer calls to tell you about a transmission problem and possibly tries to get you to quote a price over the phone, a process has been started — one that, if handled properly, will go from the phone call to a shop visit, to a diagnosis, to the eventual sale of whatever repairs or services are necessary to solve the customer’s problem.

Identifying the 722.6 Converters

Mercedes has used the 722.6 transmission in a number of different vehicles and in combination with different engines. To accommodate these different vehicle and engine combinations, different converters were needed. Many of the converters were similar in appearance and differed only in their bolt circle or diameter.

Subaru 4AT Phase 2 Part 2

The first installment of this article, published in the July 2006 issue of Transmission Digest, provided information regarding leaf-spring locations, solenoid identification and specifications as well as the transfer-clutch solenoid update and its operation.

You Can’t Rely on the Relay

Chrysler’s 41TE transmission has been in use since 1989, the 42LE since 1993, the 45RFE since 1999 and the 42RLE since 2003. With each of these transmissions having similar electronics, they also have similar diagnostic codes and testing consistencies.

A Look at the New Venture 244 Gen II Transfer Case

We have become used to a never-ending stream of new technology and the introduction of many new models of transmissions and transfer cases. I remember the days when we had only about 20 transmissions to worry about and roughly a half dozen transfer cases; now, you need a computer to keep track of all the different units.