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Beware of Code P0720

Subaru’s TG5D9 transmission utilizes four different speed sensors, two of which are inside the transmission and two are externally located. When a code P0720 for a front vehicle speed sensor is set, the most-forward external speed sensor is replaced – yet the code remains. The wiring is checked and the signal is checked and all looks fine. The TCM then gets replaced but P0720 remains.

A Tale Of Two CRVs

Case studies illustrate diagnosing a vehicle’s misfire and a customer’s misfire

If your shop is like ours, Honda CRVs make an appearance weekly. Mostly for maintenance, but sometimes they need to be diagnosed. We’ve seen several lately with around 200,000 miles and still providing reliable service.

Be the Special in Specialization

What about your business? Is it a specialty shop, perhaps one that specializes in a certain “T” word we all know and love in the automotive industry – or perhaps not?

Finances: Dealing with the Money

No matter what the product or service might be, and no matter how large or small the company, the goal is always the same: to make a good profit. Profit dollars drive everything. They allow for employees to make a good living, for new equipment to be purchased, for expansion to take place and for the owner to make a good return on investment.

Transtar: Reforming Relationships

Transtar, the aftermarket’s largest distributor of transmission and related parts, was recently re-acquired by a group led by its founder, Monte Ahuja. The Transtar management team contains faces familiar to the industry who tell Transmission Digest that the company’s philosophy will return to what made it successful: Building relationships. Ahuja says that an evolving and increasingly complex industry creates new and different customer needs that are calling for what he calls “game changing” innovations.

October 2017 Issue

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Audi 01J: DTC 17114 gear ration monitoring: incorrect gear ratio
ZF5HP-19/FL/FLA: Firm engagement into D harsh cost-downshifts
AW55-50/51SN: Harsh reverse engagement

Solenoid Differences: Ford 6F35 Gen 1 vs. 2

Looking back on the history of the Ford 6T40, the cousin to the 6F35, we recall a second generation of this transmission coming out in 2012. There were many control-valve changes to this valve body as the pressure switches were eliminated and the top cover of the valve body had damper and spring assemblies added to it to provide miniature shock absorbers to each of the solenoid output circuits.

Verify What the Scan Tool is Telling You

The subject vehicle is a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe. It came to us on a wrecker, as the customer was not comfortable driving it to us. The concern was stated as harsh shifts and a check engine light on. The vehicle was brought into the shop and the fluid level and condition were checked. The fluid level was full but the fluid had a strong burnt odor and was discolored. A quick scan of the computer revealed code P1870, “transmission component slipping.”

Lubricants: Understanding the Mysteries

Lubricating oils or lubricants have been around since the invention of the wheel, and every class or type of machinery uses and needs them. But, how much do we really understand about these products and about the amazing amount of engineering that is found in a can?

CVT’s 3-Second-Rule Delay

Jatco’s CVT2, CVT7 and CVT8 have their own unique way of controlling garage shifts into gear. Although each of these transmissions utilize a torque converter, great lengths went into designing a strategy that would prevent harsh drive or reverse engagements to prevent damage to the variator (primary and secondary pulley assembly).