October 2001 Archives - Transmission Digest
October 2001 Issue

Issue Summary:

1997-2000 Ford F-150/F-250 pickups with 4R70W transmissions may have driveline vibration and rear-seal leaks.

Cooler leaks on 2000-01 Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer four-door vehicles with 5R55W transmissions may be caused by contaminants on the cooler tubes.

On 2000 Cadillac Devilles, Eldorados and Sevilles and 2001 Oldsmobile Auroras with 4T80-E transaxles, slipping in fourth or no fourth gear with code P0734 may be caused by a warped lower-control valve-body channel plate.

No movement or delayed engagement in a BMW with the ZF-5HP-18 may be caused by a shrunken bypass ball.

We have furnished typical relay checks for Chrysler’s 41TE, 42LE and 42RE transmissions. Once the operation of a relay is understood, any relay can be checked with ease.