October 2000 Archives - Transmission Digest
October 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

This month’s Tech/Talk covers a variety of complaints and fixes, leading off with a Saturn that moves forward in all gear selections. The problem is caused by a mismatch of the manual valve and manual-valve link.

A missing rubber-coated sleeve in the overdrive-servo assembly of a 4R70W may result in burned forward clutches.

Torque-converter discoloration in a 4T60-E may be caused by a melted plastic spring retainer in the to-cooler fitting.

A weak or collapsed 4th-apply piston return spring in 4L60 and 4L60-E units may be the cause of burned 2-4 bands.

We also have information on a Subaru Justy ECVT that has no ratio change from low.

Mismatching manual valve to case in G4A-EL units will result in either no reverse or movement in neutral. Mismatching reverse and forward drums will cause stacked shifts.

A complaint of no movement in any range on a Subaru RE4-style transmission may be caused by an incorrectly installed lockup-control valve and spring.

Shift-solenoid and lockup-solenoid wires that are connected backward on Mazda MPV R4A-EL units will produce a 1-3 upshift in Drive.