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ZF8HP55 transmission

Sonnax has a set of vacuum diagrams for the ZF8HP55 transmission.

What is that Unpleasant Grinding Noise?

John Griffin confronts a 5R55E unit with oil-pan bolts wiggling such that the pan is shifted past the mating surface of the block.

Managing Money: Bills and Taxes

Terry Greenhut gives suggestions for managing money. One important rule: avoid a tax audit.

Ins and Outs of Torque Converters

Ed Lee presents a two-part project about the ins and outs of torque converters, starting with the outs.

Randy’s: A Growing Presence

“Over time, Randy [Lyman] built our company to have many different brands,” says RANDYS Worldwide Automotive Marketing Director Neal Hollingsworth. The company, formerly known as Randy’s Ring & Pinion (Transmission Digest December ’09) is headquartered in Everett, Wash., and employs a total of over 200 people in seven different states including distribution centers.

Adjusting Infamous THM700-R4 Throttle Valve Cable

If the transmission happens to shift early after the coarse adjustment, grab the cable adjuster so it doesn’t move, and push the release button, and then move the cable back toward the bracket a few clicks. After you get the transmission to shift at the right speed for the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts, you are ready to verify the transmission has a full throttle 2-1 down shift.

Who’s Telling Your Brand Story?

Jennifer Porter asks: Who’s telling your brand story? You can’t control what is being said, you can lead it.

November 2018 Issue

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RE5R05A 3rd-to-4th design valve body: Changes due to new TCM programming
Dodge Challenger with NAG 1 transmission: Erratic shifting after rebuild
F4A40/50 series transmissions: Delayed forward & reverse engagement

Very Odd Issues

Wayne Colonna illustrates the odd issues that pop up with valve body bolt lengths with an example of Toyota’s U660.

Leading Causes of Manual Transmission Failure

The most common reasons a manual transmission failed are lack of lubrication, incorrect lubrication and improper or no clutch release.

All Drive Transmission, Des Moines, Iowa

The major repairs are getting less and less, and the small repairs are getting more and more, said Randall Garrett, owner of All Drive Transmission, Des Moines, Iowa.