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BorgWarner 44-44 Transfer Case from the Electronic Side

Last month we took a look at the BW 44-44 and 44-45 series of transfer cases found in late-model Ram pickups. We continue this month with a look at the electronics that make the 44-44 function. A brief review on this unit leads us to an electronically controlled active full-time transfer case.

Financial Planning for Those Who Hate To

Many “hands-on” employees and small-business owners are way more into the production, sales and distribution of their products or services than they are into the financial end of the business. They leave the tasks of managing money and paying bills to others; hopefully those who are honest and won’t get them in trouble.

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Mercedes 722.9 failure
42RLE DTC variations
4T80-E fluid leak

Small Talk Is for Small Sales

Small talk is meaningless yapping about nothing at all. Small talk is safe, but it accomplishes nothing of value. It’s a restatement of the obvious. Small talk is for small sales.

Finding the Right Manager

How important is it to hire the right manager for your shop? It may be the most-important decision a shop owner has to make. Notice I did not say salesman. A salesman talks with the customers, gives the service recommendations, then sits back down and hopes everything else works out. Those guys in our industry do not qualify as shop managers. Sorry. A real transmission-shop manager knows how to sell, manage production and f

Vacuum Testing A750E/F

Vacuum Testing A750E/F
From the TASC Force we reprint a series of in-depth test instructions for checking the serviceability of valve bodies.

Oh, the Joy of Being a Technician!

One recent adventure involving intermittently inoperative headlamps on a 1996 Ford Explorer had me accessing multiple resources en route to the repair. Our customer reported that both headlamps would go out now and then, often for long periods. On occasion, a bump in the road would “jar” them back to life.

Multiple Issues Demonstrate Need for Thorough Diagnosis

Our story begins with a 1995 Chevrolet K1500 with a 6.5-liter diesel and a 4L80 E transmission that was brought into our shop by one of our wholesale customers. The customer had replaced the transmission in this vehicle with one of our remanufactured units. After the installation, the customer said the check engine light came on and the vehicle was setting multiple transmission codes, and that when the truck was going around a left-hand turn the transmission would neutralize.

Sealing-Ring Technology: Small parts – big problems

There have been many ways to plug a hole (so to speak), and sealing rings are but one. These small pieces of metal, or other material, have been part of the automatic-transmission landscape since inception. A transmission could not work without them, even though a few applications have used a bushing to seal oil pressure.