November 2000 Archives - Transmission Digest
November 2000 Issue

Issue Summary:

No forward engagement in a Ford E4OD may occur because the plastic-caged low roller clutch was installed incorrectly.

An A4LD in Ford light trucks may require shift-lever PRNDL adjustment because the cable-assembly locking tab is not fully seated.

If you have a Chrysler A-604 with a broken tapered snap ring in the underdrive/overdrive reaction plate, be sure you install the late-type snap ring.

We have corrections for bind-up or 2nd-gear starts on KM-177, and a pump-gear change on KM 175.

In Ford Probe 4EAT and Mazda G4A-EL units, a
4-2-3-1 shift pattern after rebuild may be caused by reversed shift solenoids.

We also have the procedure for FIPL (fuel-injection pump lever) sensor adjustments on the Ford E4OD.