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Honda 4- and 5-Speed Transmissions: Whines in Neutral
Acura MDX BYFA 5-Speed transmission: P1744 – Shift Valve E Stuck On
Honda CRV 5-Speed: P0983 Open Solenoid D Circuit
Honda Odyssey: Loss of Solenoid Power

Spring Season

A 2006 FORD Explorer with a 4.0 engine using the 5R55W/S type transmission came back to Jeremy at Warren Transmissions 8 months after the original rebuild. The customer stated that all was good prior to climbing a hill when it felt like he was losing power and the engine began to rev quite high like the trans was slipping. Customer said he managed to nurse it home.

GM Gen. 2 6T70, 6T75 and 6T80

Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations

EVT Transmission Parts: Challenge and Opportunity

Every city in America offers a unique blend of opportunity and challenge for business people like Walter Quintanilla CEO of EVT Transmission Parts in Los Angeles. The L.A. area has more than 6.5 million vehicles providing opportunity for repair shops and parts suppliers alike.

Speedy Marietta: Having the Right People in the Right Seats

Kristina Magic spent 22 years in the telecommunications business, in a constant state of working and trying to excel but then being laid off.
Now she’s the owner of a successful transmission repair shop: Speedy Marietta Transmission Shop.

Fish Stink From the Head

One of Sam’s most frequent reminders to ETE’s leadership is “fish stink from the head.” What Sam means is that the worst smelling part of a dead fish is its head. But what Sam really means is that most problems within a company can be traced back to its leadership.

The Pressure is Off

Jon at Wilson Transmissions received a 2010 Venza with a 3.5L/U660E combo from a used car lot. All seemed to be working good other than many dash indicators lit up. After scanning the vehicle and finding pressure switch codes (P0872 for TFP Sensor/Switch C and P0877 for TFP Sensor/Switch D), Jon ordered a TFP switch/TFT sensor assembly from the Toyota dealer.

Spiking Speedometer

A customer showed up at our shop with a 2008 Chevrolet Impala SS that was equipped with the 5.3 LS engine and a 4T65E transmission. The customer had a complaint of an erratic speedometer while driving. I began by collecting all the vehicle information for a check out sheet, such as VIN, mileage, engine and transmission type.

The Good and the Great Manager

How important was it to the owner of the business to have a top-notch manager run it for him or her? While some would feel that the manager is the face of the business, the one that customers, vendors, and employees see and therefore need to believe in; others might think they are simply a go-between, just another rung in the ladder.