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The Importance of a Positive Seal

Toyota has been plagued by torque converter clutch (TCC) issues for many years. The shudder issues started with the on-off lock strategy and continue with the present-day advanced strategies. Any Toyota 2002 and newer front wheel drive vehicle can have this issue. There are currently two technical service bulletins (TSB) that address this issue.

6L80 Filter Crush

The transmission we are talking about is the 6L80 family of transmissions. It’s quite surprising to know the many times we have encountered this installation error. It is essential that the entire pan be fully supported by a saddle to distribute the pressure evenly across the bottom of the transmission. This will prevent damage to both the pan and filter resulting in immediate failure of your rebuilt transmission.

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Toyota U660-E: Harsh TCC apply

Transmission slips ‘once in a while’

Such was the case with a 2005 Dodge Dakota that rolled in to our shop equipped with 4WD, 4.7L engine, and a 545RFE transmission. Trucks like these are our bread and butter being located on the border of a big city with lots of farming and commercial operations on the other side. The customer’s complaint was “It feels like it’s slipping once in a while.”
We have a routine for our initial evaluation like everyone else: check fluid levels, scan for codes, test drive, and perform an undercar inspection. While checking fluid levels I noticed this: A new/reman PCM (Figure 1). Possibly not that it is relevant at this point, but something to make note of.

Today You Have to be the Entire Package!

Is it enough to do an excellent job of repairing a customer’s car? Maybe it once was but not anymore. Today’s customer expects more, much more. The entire experience of doing business must be spot-on if you expect to get outstanding reviews and a lot of referrals.

Jatco/Nissan JF015E (RE0F11A) Vacuum testing

Jatco/Nissan JF015E (RE0F11A) Vacuum testing

Dura-Bond: Rounding Out a Niche

Dura-Bond says the full-round, all “USA-made” Babbitt bushings it manufactures are designed for today’s transmissions and provide the tightest tolerances in the industry.

‘It’s a Small Shop, but We Do a Lot of Work’

The fact that Kevin Sanborn Sr.’s shop received a Better Business Bureau Iowa 2015 Integrity Award is really all you need to know about him — although there is more.

Ideas Don’t Work Unless You Do

One poster caught my eye: “Ideas don’t work unless you do” – an aphorism from product designer and creativity guru, Tanner Christensen.

K313: A Very Simple Little CVT

Last month we removed the pump from the main case and looked at its unique design. Looking back at the transmission with the pump removed, the forward clutch drum assembly comes into view. The outer lugs on the drum are used to excite the turbine shaft speed sensor. The rpm signal from this sensor can be compared to the engine rpm signal to monitor converter clutch apply. Like a conventional transmission, when the clutch is fully applied, both values should be identical.