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History Repeats Itself

Most torque-converter rebuilders routinely deal with the undersize pilots on GM 298mm converters. It is common either to build up the pilot by welding and then re-machine, or to sleeve the pilot area. The issue is so widespread that the repair is a requirement on the OE remanufactured-converter process.

May 2012 Issue

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Hyundai A4CF2: solenoid codes
Nissan/Infiniti RE4F04B: no turbine-speed-sensor reading
Nissan/Infiniti RE4F22A: failsafe with DTC P0726

We Work with Gears, but Do We Understand Them?

Gears date to the beginning of civilization, and the development and advances in gear technology have created the modern world. We as experts in transmissions, transfer cases and differentials work with gears every day, and I thought it would be interesting to examine the theory and design, and some of the geometry involved in gear design.

Bitter Cold: Sometimes It’s the Root Cause, Sometimes It’s Not

Here in Denver, when the snow flies and the mercury plummets, we all like to press “4WD” on our dashboards and blast out into the blizzard. When our rigs stay in “2WD” and slide into the gutter – that’s when I get the phone calls. The following two customers called me the same morning recently, and we came to two very different conclusions after diagnosing their inoperative four-wheel-drive (4WD) systems.

Rounding It Down

Did you ever get excited about the prospect of paying a visit to your local deli for coffee or a sandwich? I do every time. From the point of view of a marketing and sales consultant, doing business in this store is an absolute and rare pleasure, the kind of experience we should provide for our customers every time. Because I witness so many doing it wrong, it’s extremely refreshing to deal with people who go out of their way to do it right day after day.

01J Gear-Ratio Error

During the recent Showpower Expo in Dallas, I was speaking with a good friend, Eddie Rose, from the UK who works on many 01J/0AW Multitronic continuously variable transmissions in Audi vehicles. He informed me of a problem he ran into while working on one of these that I just had to pass along to all those who are working on them here. This problem had Eddie stumped for a while but he finally sorted it out, and it was, of course, a simple solution to what had been a puzzling problem.

Reusable Gasket – Not!

A late-model Ford truck with a 6R140W transmission came into the shop with a complaint of a leak from the front. When the truck was raised on the lift, it appeared that it was leaking out the front, so the transmission was pulled to reseal it.

A Tale of two Hyundais

We recently received a call from one of our wholesale customers that had bought a carry-out transmission for a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe. The vehicle had been out for a few months and was returned to the installer with a complaint of slipping shifts. Our customer had driven the vehicle and verified the complaint, removed the transmission and called us to send a replacement. At this point with the transmission already removed there was not much we could check so we sent out a replacement transmission.

Non-Tiptronic vs. Tiptronic-Style 01M

Most Volkswagens that use the 01M transmission in the United States are non-Tiptronic. However, there is a Tiptronic version of this transmission that is used in other parts of the world, and you never know when one might pull into your shop for service.