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5R110W Filter Change

Until mid-2008 Ford trucks equipped with a TorqShift transmission, otherwise known as the 5R110W, came from the factory equipped with an inline filter installed in the cooler lines. In most instances this filter is a replaceable element inside a canister in the cooler lines (Figure 1). This requires the technician to remove the canister and replace the filter element after a flush service or a transmission replacement, at a cost of about $8 for the filter element.

Those Pesky Lean-Condition Codes

This particular vehicle gave us two codes: P0171 and P0174. It is important to note that neither of the codes was current; they appeared only under “Memory Codes.” In a situation like this, I look at freeze-frame data, and we had the following data snapshot from when the code set: vehicle speed, 38 mph; coolant temperature, 189°F; long-term fuel trim for both engine banks was at 14% and 17%; engine speed, 1,803 rpm (Figure 2).

Can You Say ‘Derailleur’?

A newly designed type of automated manual transmission (AMT) that is touted as the world’s fastest-shifting AMT has been developed by Zeroshift Ltd. in Milton Keynes, England, by a man named Bill Martin.

Another Option

I am sure that all of us who are in our late 40s and older can agree that valve bodies today are not what they used to be. Bore wear, valve wear, sleeve wear and leaking bore plugs are frequent ailments in most transmissions today.

Thanks be to several aftermarket companies that have developed repair kits to overcome these hurdles, saving transmission shops the expense of a new valve body.

Magna Powertrain MP3023 & 3024 Transfer Cases

This is the last of a three-part series on the Magna Powertrain MP 3023 and 3024 transfer cases. These are electronically controlled “active” transfer cases (ATC).

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The Right Person for the Job

Promoting technicians to sales or management-level positions is a great way to show the entire staff that there is opportunity for growth within the company. As a current owner or manager you may even feel obligated to move someone up when a position becomes available. Most of the time the available position will have something to do with selling work to customers, a job for which many technicians are not suited or not qualified, or don’t really want even if they think they do.

Is It Safe to Drive?

Knowing about specific transmission problems still doesn’t stop folks from asking whether it’s OK to keep driving their vehicle. A customer has a 4L60-E transmission that has no reverse, second or fourth and he wants to know whether he can drive it to work this week or would it last until his next payday. Another customer has a 4T65-E with a P1811 code and wants to know whether they can make a trip over the weekend, or yet another customer who has a 5R55E with a broken third-gear band wants to know whether it is safe to drive.

Mercedes 722.6: Cold Stall/TCC Shudder

For several years, technicians have been trying to solve the mysterious cold-stall issue in vehicles equipped with Mercedes 722.6 transmissions. When the problem was first identified, it was thought to be associated with aftermarket components. At that time, no one had seen the problem in a vehicle that still had only original equipment.