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Crime-Scene Investigation, Part 1

I thought you, as technicians involved in transmission repair, might like to follow a recent transmission-related lawsuit I was involved in, both to see how it really happens and to learn more about protecting yourselves and your business. The lawsuit you are about to read has been settled. All parties involved are subject to a confidentiality agreement. There are no names, dates or places, but I think the mysteries of the case will interest you.

What Is the Correct Name? Part II

In 1955 the automotive industry finally standardized the shift quadrant on all vehicles. From that time forward, all shifters would read from left to right (or front to back) and the order would be: Park, Reverse and Neutral, followed by the Drive ranges.

May 2009 Issue

Issue Summary:

A Honda vehicle equipped with a BAXA/B7XA-family transmission exhibits flared or slipping upshifts before or after overhaul.

A Mitsubishi or Hyundai vehicle with an F4A40/50-series transmission comes back after overhaul with the second-clutch plates burnt and code P0732 stored.

Before or after overhaul, the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) is illuminated on a Honda vehicle equipped with a BAXA/B7XA-family transmission and code P1705 is stored.

Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All …

Once I found the termination of the ground wires, I could not believe where they were bolted – not to a clean engine ground but to the motor side of the starter motor! That’s right: When the starter motor was cranked, 12 volts was applied to the ECU ground wires. This explained perfectly why the spark disappeared when the starter was cranked but returned when I let off the key.

What We Do for a Buck

One of our accounts brought in a 2007 Ford F-450 with a 6.0 diesel engine and a 5R110W TorqShift transmission, complaining of a delayed engagement in reverse. The driver also complained that if he decided to accelerate hard just before coming to a stop, the transmission would neutralize and then engage harshly.

The 09D/TR-60SN Transmission

The 09D/TR-60SN transmission (Figure 1), the rear-wheel-drive version of the front-wheel-drive 09G/TF-60SN transmission (Figure 2), is being used in the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne in the United States. The clutch-application chart in Figure 3 reveals the same clutch elements as in the 09G. If you save past issues of Transmission Digest, dig up the November and December 2008 issues and you can do a little comparison of the 09G with this 09D.

What Recession?

Whenever we find ourselves in a recession we also find that not everyone is losing money on account of it. Some are actually making far more than they would in a normal economy. You are a good example of one who can profit from a long-term economic downturn.

A New Trick in the Bag

For years we have known that the 4L60 and 4L60-E second-gear servo came in three different sizes. Now there is a fourth OEM servo size that gives builders a new choice when looking for something with increased performance.