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Just Another Little Known, and even less Cared-for, Fact of the Day

During the first road test after the installation of a 41TE (A604), the vehicle seems to shift fine, then you notice on the second takeoff it starts to act a little strange, like maybe it’s low on fluid. You might also notice a slight pump whine before you make it back from the test drive.

The Fine Points of the BorgWarner 4411 Transfer Case

One of the best-selling vehicles produced by Ford Motor Co. is the Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer SUV. These vehicles started production using the BorgWarner 4405 transfer case and had a huge production run.

The Top 10 Pitfalls after Landing a New Account, and How to Avoid Them

Outside sales, as we should know by now, is more a matter of perseverance than prowess. Sure, you have to pick the right accounts to approach and you need to do an excellent job of qualifying and presenting the benefits of your service, but after the initial contact, and maybe one or two more, it all comes down to how many times you can revisit them, leaving a good impression each time you do.

May 2008 Issue

Issue Summary:

A ZF 5HP24 may exhibit a slipping or delayed engagement into reverse and/or drive before and after overhaul and also may have a flared kickdown shift to 4th.

A V-8 BMW model with a 5HP24 may have a buzzing or droning noise coming from the area of the bellhousing.

A Subaru vehicle equipped with the 4EAT Phase II has multiple solenoid codes with erratic transmission operation, which is commanded by the TCM.

Clever Engineering

Starting with the 42RLE in 2005, followed by the 41TE in 2007, the engineers cleverly redesigned the valve body to accommodate a variable line-pressure-control solenoid and transducer. Figures 1 and 2 shows how these additional components are situated on the valve body with the 41TE transmission. This also required an additional pass-through case connector, resulting in changes to the case as well.

Mystery Noise in the ZF 5HP19/24

It’s not uncommon to hear customer complaints about a noise coming from a vehicle equipped with either a ZF 5HP19 or ZF 5HP24 transmission. The noise is most often described as a squealing or squawking sound and can be heard when the customer lifts his foot off the accelerator pedal. The sound is similar to that of a bad transmission pump and can be heard in any forward range but is most noticeable in first or second gear.

Circuit Interruptus

I recently had a vehicle in with a symptom that I thought would be an easy fix, only to have it take up several hours that I had not anticipated losing. Does this sound familiar?
The 1996 Chevy Tahoe had a customer concern of “No low-beam headlamps.”