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Make Use of Those Mystery Fixes

With the transmission industry changing almost every day, we have to stay on top of the “3 C’s” if we plan to survive. The 3 C’s, of course, are Complaint, Cause and Correction. But in the transmission business, working through the 3 C’s can leave us a little short of our goal. We can’t quit just because we have found a bad part. Once we understand that a particular part has failed, it may help us to reduce repeat failures if we can understand why it failed.

Myth Busters

When the vehicle manufacturers create their driveline packages, they have many issues to consider, such as fuel economy, performance and durability. In the torque-converter-rebuilding industry, many companies will make modifications to enhance the OEM torque converter for a specific vehicle combination. Some modifications are done to create better acceleration and others are done to improve towing capabilities and fuel economy.

The Trickle-Down Effect

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I had just one or two more majors a week? Boy, if I did I could really make some money in this shop.” The question is, after all these years in business why don’t you have them? As a matter of fact, some shops are finding that they don’t even have enough business to maintain the level of income they once enjoyed. They come up one or two majors short of making a living most weeks.

Prime Cuts – New Technology for Ring and Pinion Gears

Every shop in this industry is working hard to increase the volume of its business and the percentage of profit. Repair and diagnosis of automatic and manual transmissions and transfer cases are generally deemed to be the core of the business. Clutch replacement, driveshaft work, CV joints and wheel bearings are common sale items, but many shops neglect differential work as a profit center.

May 2007 Issue

Issue Summary:

In a GM vehicle with a 4T65-E transaxle, code P1887 (malfunctioning TCC release switch) can be caused by any of several electrical or mechanical issues.

On a 2004 or later Cadillac DeVille, switching the front tires with each other can illuminate a warning lamp in the driver information center.

Noise? What Noise? Oh, That One

One of the toughest things in the transmission industry for any technician to diagnose is a noise problem. It’s even tougher to diagnose over the phone, and at times near impossible. In some instances, as with the 5R55S/W transmission, there can be several different things that can have you chasing a noise ’til you’re about to pull hair from your head.

Volkswagen’s Direct-Shift Gearbox Part 1

Volkswagen’s direct-shift gearbox DSG 02E (see Figure 1) is used in the United States in some 2004-to-present New Beetle, New Jetta and Golf GTI models. It is a six-speed manual front-wheel-drive gearbox that is shifted automatically.